For Students

How to register for an exam

  • Go to the Testing Center webpage (you will be prompted to log in with your netid)
  • Click on Courses tab to see which courses/classes are available to you
  • Click on your course/class and select a session (only if there is space for enrollment)
  • Check the exam datebe sure you have registered for the correct exam

Policy Guidelines for Testing Center Students

  • Early registration for an exam is essential. Please note that registration will close at 6:00 am the day of a scheduled exam.  You will only be allowed to register for one time slot. If you need to change your exam time, you’ll have to do it before registration closes by first unregistering from your original time before adding a new session.  NOTE : If you register for an exam in the wrong class, please unregister yourself as soon as possible. 
  • Priority at the exam room is always given to students who are registered for a particular time slot. If you fail to register and want to take an exam at a particular time, we will accommodate you ONLY IF there is available space.
  • Students are required to show their UConn ID at check-in. A valid driver’s license will also be accepted.
  • Once the exam has started, students are not allowed to leave and re-enter the testing room.
  • Cell phones and all other electronic devices including smart watches and fitbits are to be turned off and placed in the students backpack along with any other study material.  Backpacks are to be placed against the wall, away from the testing station.
  • Only scratch paper provided by the Testing Center should be used and should be given to a proctor or placed in the recycling container prior to leaving the testing room.
  • Absolutely no other browser windows are to be opened on the computer before, during or after the exam is completed. Any student observed opening another window will be asked to leave the exam and reported to the instructor.  Please note that cheating is considered a violation of the Undergraduate Academic Integrity policy.  The FAQ page can be found at
  • Proctors cannot answer any specific content questions on exams. If the instructor or a TA is present, we will have you speak with them.
  • You are free to leave the testing room as soon as you complete your exam. Log out of your account back to HuskyCT, collect your belongings and quietly leave the room.  Do not turn your cell phone on until you have left the testing room and do not discuss the exam with students waiting in the hallway.

On the day of your scheduled exam

  • Your exam will be taken in either Arjona Room 115 or 109.
  • Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of the exam with your UConn ID or you will not be able to enter the testing room.  You may use a drivers license if you do not have your StudentID.  Check-in will take place outside of Room 115.
  • Once checked in, please be sure your phone is shut off and placed in your backpack along with any other study material.  Backpacks are to be placed against the wall, away from your testing station.
  • Unless otherwise directed, sit at any computer station and log into either Lockdown Browser or directly into HuskyCt with your NetID.  Once logged in, find your class/exam and click on it until you reach the password prompt.
  • Wait for your proctor/TA to give out all the instructions and the password to begin the exam.
  • If the University is closed due to inclement weather, the Testing Center will also be closed.  Follow UConn’s Alert webpage ( regarding the University’s operating status.

HuskyCT Test Taking Tips