Given changes during the pandemic, the strides faculty have made in assessment strategies, and the need for use of the space for ensuring equitable practices through the Center for Students with Disabilities, the UConn Testing Center has closed.


Several assessment options will continue to be available with the return to learning on campus. Respondus Lockdown Browser, with or without Monitor, can continue to be used by faculty for their assessments. In addition to Lockdown Browser, CETL in collaboration with ITS has enhanced the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) testing option by adding wireless access points to classrooms, boosting Internet access capacity, and making devices available through the library for use by students if a student cannot bring a device. With this option, faculty have the ability to set up their exams in Lockdown Browser in order to secure their assessment. Students bring their own laptops or borrow one from the library for their test. Students can then complete their assessments at the regularly scheduled time and day of the class while being proctored by their TA or instructor. To learn more about BYOD testing, I recommend that you reach out to CETL’s EdTech staff at

Additionally, we have heard of amazing changes, particularly in the STEM courses, related to assessment, including open resource exams, portfolios, alternatives to standard tests, and the incorporation of universal design.

For faculty interested in learning more about assessment, check out resources on CETL's website and EdTech's website. Do not hesitate to reach out to CETL for a consultation.